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puddlemaid 2 glow_edited.jpg
glow in the dark hair_edited_edited.jpg
glowoing hair.jpg


Puddlemaids play in the garden puddles. This little puddlemaid glows in the dark. She wears an antique flower and hat, and she is wrapped in sari silk. Her wings are made of silk, too.  



This little Garden Fairy is making a wish. She is wearing an antique hat, and her hair glows in the dark. Her skirt is made of blue silk velvet. Her wings are made of silk, too.



bells on her skirt.jpg


This little Garden Fairy makes music wherever she goes. Her outfit is Sari silk from India, and her hair is the trim from a Sari wedding gown.

She is wrapped in silk velvet.





This little angel landed in the garden one day and stayed.  Her skirt is tulle and antique ribbon.  Her flower hat is a vintage Czechoslovakian flower.  She brings a present.


hummingbird hat.jpg


This little Garden Fairy is a friend to hummingbirds. An antique French ribbon is gathered around her neck. She stands on a wooden block with a mood change of color flower pressed onto the front.



blue wings.jpg


This little Garden Fairy is wrapped in Sari silk and an antique silk skirt.  Her very shiny cummerbund is made from a remnant used in costumes in the play Cats.


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