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The one of a kind Garden Fairies on this page are for sale. For the most part, they stand 

5 inches or less.  They are all original.  I am in love with antique fabrics, wool felt and micro seed beads.

All of the fairy faces are sculpted after the likeness of real children.  They are painted with oil paints.  Their outfits are hand-stitched over a padded wire armature.    

Please contact me for more details.

1.  Garden Fairy $100.00 plus tax and shipping

3.  Garden Fairy $100.00 plus tax shipping


4.  Garden Fairy $100.00 plus tax and shipping


6.  Napping in a tiny 2-inch nest.  These sweet little fairies are $38.00 ea plus tax and shipping.

7. The Wand Holder 

Her skirt is made from antique fabric and her boots change color with her mood.  

                            $100.00 plus tax/shipping

11. A Dragon's Egg. 

When a Dragon Egg gets to a certain size, a fairy is invited to sit on it and, if it is a good fit the fairy falls asleep to the beating heart of the baby dragon within, and a bond is formed.

              $125.00 plus tax/shipping


Each little charm fairy is one of a kind...just like us.  They measure about 3 inches +/-.

The chain is about 5 inches long.  They make a fun addition to any gift. 

                      $32.00 plus tax and shipping





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