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A little bit about me...


I am a full time artist living in the Pacific NW. Nature has always been my muse. Early in my career I was an illustrator. I have large porcelain enamel installations in Zoos and nature preserves throughout Washington State.


In 1992, I entered into the magical world of whimsy and began to sculpt tiny figures. Since the beginning of time, people have made small representations of the human figure and imbued them with meaning. My little figures have been invested with intent, I seek to speak to the imagination. To open the mind, and enter into a game of make-believe, traveling back to childhood again, where all things were possible....


My figures are a direct sculpt of clay over a wire armature. Faces painted, the wire padded and the body dressed. I choose antique fabrics and trims repurposing workmanship from another time. Along the way each tiny figure takes a journey from my dreams to reality.


In 2015, I added drawing back in to my portfolio. With colored pencil and sepia ink, I returned to my beginning. Twenty five years of sculpting has filled my mind with images waiting to find their stories. After the drawing is finished, I write a tiny pros which completes the process.


My artistic journey is to unlock simple truths that reside just outside of my perception. Art allows me to travel beyond the restriction of words. Through dreams, myth, even nursery rhymes, I capture glimpses of a beautiful space in time. Welcome to the Garden Path  Studio!

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